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cMetal is leading the charge in transforming how commodities transactions are conducted. By harnessing state-of-the-art blockchain technology, we provide a transparent and secure platform that bypasses the need for brokers, insurance, and convoluted contracts. Bid farewell to unfair price hikes and market uncertainty.


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cMetal is revolutionizing commodities trading with advanced blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and security. Say goodbye to brokers, insurance, and complex contracts – our platform simplifies transactions, eliminating price gouging and market speculation. With cMetal, every purchase or option is securely conducted, surpassing traditional broker-led methods. Our blockchain advantages guarantee a streamlined and trustworthy process, providing peace of mind for buyers and sellers alike.

How To Buy

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

Switch to BNB network and press the connect button to choose one of the many supported wallets to connect to the website

Step 2: Buy with BNB & USDT

You either use BNB or USDT to purchase cMetal tokens from this presale

Step 3: Claim Your Tokens

When the pre-sale has been completed, You will be able to claim your tokens using the claim button.

Claim Your Tokens

At the conclusion of the presale, tokens will be available for claiming.


Who Controls Mining?

The cMetal Token is produced by its developers, ensuring a fair launch that prioritizes equitable distribution and access. To enhance trust and security within the community, the liquidity associated with the cMetal Token is locked, preventing any unauthorized or sudden withdrawals. Governance of the token is determined by the community vote, with token holders, often referred to as "Hodlers," playing a pivotal role in decision-making. Furthermore, the cMetal Token serves a crucial function in transactions, acting as security collateral for the physical delivery of industrial commodities. This ensures that transactions are backed by tangible value, providing an additional layer of trust and reliability for users.

How can I buy cMetal tokens from presale?

All you need to do is connect your wallet and enter the amount of BNB or USDT you want to buy the tokens for and press the buy button. At a time, you can buy tokens for a minimum starting from 0.001 BNB and 1 USDT at a time and will be able to claim your tokens once the presale is over.

Where can I use cMetal token?

A dedicated trading platform is currently under development, designed specifically to pioneer the commodities trade using the cMetal token. This platform aims to facilitate and streamline transactions within the European Union (EU) and the Ukraine region. Initially, this platform will operate on a trial basis, allowing users to experience and provide feedback on its functionalities. By integrating the cMetal token into this platform, it seeks to offer a seamless, secure, and efficient trading experience for commodities within the specified regions. Furthermore, the development team is actively engaging in discussions with other regions for potential inclusion on the platform. These expansions are a testament to the platform's ambition and the team's commitment to broadening its reach. Details regarding these new regions and their integration into the platform will be announced in the near future, further solidifying the cMetal token's position as a key player in the commodities trading landscape.

Why use cMetal at all?

The cMetal token offers a unique blend of digital and physical transaction capabilities. Firstly, it can be traded on the secondary market within the blockchain ecosystem, providing liquidity and accessibility to its holders. This decentralized trading ensures transparency, security, and reduced intermediaries, which are hallmark features of blockchain-based assets. Moreover, cMetal isn't just a digital asset; it also plays a pivotal role in the real-world trading platform. It is utilized as collateral in physical transactions, ensuring trust and reliability between trading parties. This dual functionality bridges the gap between digital and traditional trading realms. Furthermore, the integration of cMetal within the blockchain allows for the seamless transfer of information. Every transaction is recorded, verified, and immutable, ensuring transparency and traceability. This not only opens up new avenues for trade but also revolutionizes the way information is shared and verified within the trading ecosystem. In essence, cMetal offers a forward-thinking approach to trading, combining the best of both digital and physical worlds.

What other use does cMetal have?

The blockchain landscape is vast and diverse, with myriad applications and use cases emerging regularly. Major corporations are investing billions in the Metaverse, NFTs, ICOs, and other blockchain-driven innovations. While these concepts might seem complex or even esoteric to some, they resonate deeply with newer generations. Drawing a parallel to the early days of the internet, many initially dismissed the idea of online connectivity as a fleeting trend or niche interest. Yet, as history has shown, the internet became an integral part of our daily lives and reshaped industries. Similarly, blockchain and smart contracts are often met with skepticism today, reminiscent of the early internet era. However, these technologies hold transformative potential. They offer decentralized, transparent, and secure methods of conducting transactions, verifying information, and creating digital assets. cMetal, within this context, is not just another token. Beyond its primary use in trading and as collateral, it embodies the ethos of the blockchain revolution. The ability to create, trade, and own assets in the digital realm is not just a novelty; it's a glimpse into the future of commerce, ownership, and digital interaction. Dismissing the potential of such digital assets and platforms is akin to overlooking the transformative potential of the internet decades ago. As the digital landscape evolves, cMetal aims to be at the forefront, offering users a versatile tool in navigating this brave new world.


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